Signs your energy is blocked and you immediately need to balance them! DO not forget your free gift at the end of this article.In order to understand energy in our body, we need to have an understanding of the chakras. while it is a vast subject that I can keep writing articles on, the simplest way to explain it is:The five elements of earth, come together to give us sensations like smell,taste,sound,touch etc.They also come together inside us to form a flow of energy that functions the body. The energy is managed through energetic centers called the Chakras. In today's fast paced world its difficult but more so important to keep our flow in balance.The 5 most common mental and physical symtops of experiencing complete energy blockage are:PHYAICAL:1. Headache, sinus issues, seizures.2. Thyroid isssues, sore throat.3. Blurred vision, eyestrains.4. Loss of hearing.5.Neck, shoulder and back pains.MENTAL/EMOTIONAL:1.Difficulty sleeping, concentrating.2. The feeling of being stuck with no momentum.3. Mood swings, irritation.4. Trouble communicating.5. depression, anxiety , panic attacks. If not taken care of, these can turn into fatal life threatning illnesses. Whats great is that we can balance our flow of energy with simple steps. Ancient practices like Aromatherapy, meditation, healing techniques are still widely practiced for acheiving quality lifestyle.GET YOUR STEP BY STEP CHAKRA BALANCING MEDITATION GUIDEBOOK(2pages)  CLAIM YOUR GUIDEBOOK

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