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Natural Coconut Body Oil - 160ml for Skin Whitening & Repair

Natural Coconut Body Oil - 160ml for Skin Whitening & Repair

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Experience the magic of Natural Coconut Body Oil designed specifically for skin whitening and rejuvenation. Our unique blend ensures not only a radiant complexion but also a therapeutic massage experience.

Why Choose Our Coconut Body Oil?

Skin Whitening: Natural ingredients that lighten skin tone and reduce dark spots.
Deep Moisturization: Provides intense hydration, leaving skin soft and supple.
Anti-Aging Properties: Fights wrinkles and signs of aging, promoting youthful skin.
Therapeutic Massage: Ideal for body SPA and relaxation.

Product Details:

Volume: 160ml
Origin: Mainland China
Certification: GZZZ (Certificate Number: 2014042137)
Essential Oil Type: Compound Essential Oil

How to Use:
Apply a generous amount to the body, focusing on areas with dark spots or uneven tone. Massage in circular motions until fully absorbed. Use daily for best results.

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